3D Vaginal HIFU

3D Vaginal HIFU

  • Tighten vagina – Improve the loose situation, makes the vagina canal smaller.
  • Clean the vagina – Female private parts maintenance.
  • Moist vagina – Eliminate dryness


Product Description

3D Vaginal HIFU SIU-V13

3D Vaginal HIFU, the latest high-end instrument vaginal HIFU—achieve vaginal tightening effect. The advantage of the HIFU is the most advanced ultrasonic energy, deep penetrating, can directly to the skin SMAS layer so that immediately shrink collagen production and stimulate collagen fiber web, enhancing skin elasticity from the skin layer (self-repair mechanisms more secure). Vaginal contraction is across time instrument which no wound, no recovery, no bleeding, no need repeated treatment.


Focused ultrasound has unique high-intensity focused ultrasound through the vagina SMAS layer, to lift SMAS fasciae suspension, comprehensive solution to the problem of vaginal relaxation, ultrasonic energy accurately positioning in 3.0mm submucosal layer of fasciae, muscle growth stretched in the fascial layers, to achieve the best results of shrinking the vagina.

Technical Advantages
  • 360°rotation emission: total care for vaginal.
  • No side effects: no anesthesia, no side effects, no medication before and after surgery.
  • Comfortable process: non-invasive, painless, no abstinence, no discomfort.
  • Easy and convenient: 20 minutes treatment can get instantly firmer, less treatment times, simple operation.
  • Durable and efficient: long-lasting effect , high sensitivity.


110/220 V


50/60 Hz


44*30*38 cm

Max Power

100 W


 6 A

Net weight

10 kg