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HIFU Machine High-intensity focused ultrasound

  • Ultrasound skin tightening
  • Ultrasound face lift
  • Ultrasound neck lift
  • Face skin tightening 
  • Anti-aging, Skin lifting
  • Non surgical neck tightening
  • Non surgical brow lift, brow line lift
  • Improving chin line and double chin
  • Improve and smoothen the texture of the skin
  • Non Invasive Wrinkle Removal
  • Body skin tightening 
  • Body slimming
  • Ultrasound fat reduction

Product Description

HIFU Machine High-intensity focused ultrasound Face Lifting Skin Tightening Beauty Equipment SIU-251B

HIFU Machine use advanced HIFU technology, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical alternative for wrinkles, facial rejuvenation and tightening.

First of all, by using different cartridges at varying depths, HIFU machine can penetrate the superficial dermis at 1.5mm, the deep dermis at 3mm or the facial SMAS muscles (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) at 4.5mm. Depending on the treatment function, aestheticians vary the way they conduct the treatment over different skin areas for the most effective outcome.

Beauticians can use this device on the facial and the neck areas, especially the cheeks, under the chin, around the eyes. Furthermore, they can also use for the body using 13.0mm cartridge. It functions by a high concentrated ultrasound delivery to the skin, thus stimulating the deep skin tissues at the temperature of 60-70℃ which results in a surrounding tissue shrinkage. Subsequently, HIFU machine triggers collagen production, therefore leads to a gradual skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Consequently, HIFU machine is widely used in beauty salons, medical spas and aesthetic clinics for face lifting, skin tightening and wrinkle removal.

  • For face and body
  • 5 cartridges (E1.5mm,1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm and 13.0mm), precisely acting on different depths of the skin
  • 50,000 shots in total, each cartridge has 10,000 shots
  • 3 main settings: Energy, Length and Distance
  • HIFU machine can reach the deep subcutaneous layers of skin up to 4.5 mm, as a result, HIFU treatment is the most advanced thermal effect method for wrinkle improvement
  • A Special high intensity ultrasound technique that stimulates a deep facial muscle layer (SMAS) especially relevant to the root cause of wrinkles
  • No surgery
  • Completely safe and practically pain-free
  • Non-invasive/ Immediate result/ No downtime/ Effect lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick operation with no postoperative complications
  • The result is far better than Thermage
  • Clients noticed and felt the initial effects immediately following the treatment, which were in the form of the skin feeling tighter firmer and lifted
  • The ultimate results will take place over 2-3 months, and effect will last for 18-24 months
 Key points on purchasing a good HIFU machine:
  • Check the interface of the screen, whether it contains 3 main settings: energy, length and distance. without “distance” normally low quality, or less professional
  • Check the energy points, Straight and Uniform is the standard
  • Whether it can penetrate a plastic frame, since this is a must for medical version
  • 2,500 shots and 5,000 shots costs less, while 10,000 shots cartridge is state of the art, most professional and most reliable.
  • Best result is a must
  • Just to make sure……….there are No needles, just Ultrasound, correct?
    Siubeauty: Correct, there are No needles, just Ultrasound
  • After treatment is the client red or normal?
    Siubeauty: Normal, and looks better
  • Can the effect be felt after treatment or after a few days ?
    Siubeauty: Yes, the effect can be felt and noticed after treatment
  • Is there any effect on the eyebrow hairs or beard?
    Siubeauty: No effect on the eyebrow hairs or beard, we suggest to shave beard for male before treatment
  • Is it important to make a guide drawing with pencil?
    Siubeauty: Yes, it is important to make a guide drawing with pencil, as this makes sure the treatment is precise
  • I have seen on the chart that Eye area takes 45min…so to do a whole face in 1 session, how long does it take ?
    Siubeauty: It takes about 90min, and HIFU treatment takes from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the area(s) treated.
Most Asked Questions on HIFU Beauty Treatment for your reference:
  • Is there any downtime?
    Siubeauty: HIFU beauty treatment is non-invasive and as a result there is no downtime. This means after your treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately without having to follow any special post-treatment measures.
  • What will I feel during the treatment?
    Siubeauty: You will feel tiny amounts of focused ultrasound energy being deposited below the surface of the skin to precise depths.
  • Is HIFU beauty treatment painful?
    Siubeauty: Pain thresholds vary from person to person, but there can be some discomfort while the ultrasound energy is being delivered and this is only temporary and a positive sign that the collagen building process has been initiated. So clients generally leave feeling comfortable and excited about the beauty changes to come.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Siubeauty: Generally only one treatment is necessary to get good results.
  • What can I expect after the treatment?
    Siubeauty: Clients will notice and feel the initial effects immediately following the treatment in the form of the skin feeling tighter, firmer and lifted. The ultimate results will take place over 2-3 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen.
  • How long do the treatment results last?
    Siubeauty: Results last approximately 18 months to 2 years.
Model Name HIFU Machine Ultrasound Beauty Equipment
Technology HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
Power 800W
Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz
shots 10000 / each head
Number of heads 5
Energy type HIFU
distance 1 – 4 mm ( 0.2 mm step )
length 5 – 25 mm ( 1.0 mm  step )
Energy output 0.1 – 3J/cm2( 0.1J  step )
Energy output (only 13mm) 0.1 – 2.5J/cm2( 0.1J  step )
Depth E1.5 / 1.5mm / 3mm / 4.5mm / 13mm
Screen size 15 color touch screen