led face mask red light therapy

LED Face Mask

  • Led mask, facial mask
  • Anti-aging wrinkle removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatment
  • Suitable for salon and home
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Product Description

Led face mask red light therapy acne light mask SIU-67B

PDT LED light treatment principle:

LED face mask LED phototherapy skin mask instrument is the use of photodynamic theory,activate the deep cells, make the skin better metabolism.After the light is absorbed by the skin, the light can be converted into energy within cells, relaxation and strengthen capillaries and photochemical reaction with the skin-an enzymatic reaction, the cells increase as “guardian”and “cleaner” catalase(Catalase) and superoxid dismutase(SOD) activity. Increased ATP generation source of cellular energy(ATP) decomposition. Promote cell metabolism and synthesis, increase glycogen and protein content,which stimulated collagen born five times.Stimulate the secretion of growth factors in vivo alkaline synthetic fibers(BFGF) epidermal growth factor (EGF),and the collagen fibers and elastic fibers rearranged,and the elimination of blocking the formation of melanin,accelerate cell growth,accelerate blood circulation,stimulate fiber cell tissue produce collagen, increase skin elasticity,to repair aging skin,acne skin,fada spots,improve firmness,ease of care and sun burns, and so plays an important role.

Red light

650NM wave is mainly to promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, stimulate its own collagen production, improve skin elasticity, smooth fine wrinkles.

Clinical features: anti-aging, whitening, treatment of allergies, improve dry skin, relieve fatigue and promote sleep.

Blue light

410NM wave is mainly sterilization, purify the skin.

Clinical features: anti-inflammatory acne, shrink pores, blackheads improvement.

Yellow light

690NM wave. The main pigment dispersion, promote lymphatic drainage.

Clinical features: improve skin dull, flabby, yellowish skin.

Stone vibration massage function

Promote detoxification, blood circulation, increased facial moisture, excluding oil, shrink pores, smooth wrinkles, 20 minutes, immediate impact.

What can the LED face mask do for you?

1. Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples. Repair the aging skin, acne.

2. Accelerate cell growth, accelerate the blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen, increase skin elasticity.

3. Ease sun burn.

4. Skin Whitening, Blocking and eliminate the formation of melanin.

5. Let LED MASK create the clear skin you want to live in. Make the skin younger, luster, shinning.

How the Course of Treatment?

Use the LED light everyday. 1 time everyday, 30 minutes per time. People can see different after per treatment. LED light therapy helps to kill the bacteria that cause spats, reduce inflammation and provide a general rejuvenation effect on the skin.

Who can use LED face mask?

Everyone. Any age.

Spots begin when the pores become clogged or blocked and bacteria start to grow, resulting in every teenager’s nightmare SPOTS. Face colored patches begin when people work behind company for a long time, when women after parturition skin problem going worse. When you suffer sunburn, small wrinkle, skin dark, any others skin problem, you can choose the suit LED light for treatment.


How long will it take to see results?

Can see pores shrink, the skin become white after use per time. Be in usually it need 4 to 8 weeks to see evident results.

Each person responds at different speeds to the LED MASK System. Some much quicker than others, depending on their current physical conditions, age, skin condition, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, etc. That said, most people see evident results into 6 weeks, but many see results in as short as to 3 weeks.

A Few people will take as long as 9 to 11 weeks, but this is more unusual. The most important things to remember are: this technology works, so it’s just matter of “How long will it take?” and it is very important to take a picture before you start using your LED MASK so that you can see the different clearly in the weeks to come.

Is there any scientific proof of LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of Universities, Medical Labs and most importantly NASA. There have actually been over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology.

Is Photo Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy safe?

Yes it is safe and completely non-invasive. It has been used for years in medical procedures, medical spas, the offices of estheticians and dermatologists and consumers around the world.

Does Photo Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy cause any pain?

No. It does not caused any pain at all. Quite the opposite actually, as it has a very soothing and calming effect.

Can use skin care products in conjunction with my LED MASK?

Yes, in fact your results will happen faster and be more dramatic if used with a high quality moisturizing skin care product.

What about using acne products with my LED MASK?

Yes, your results will definitely be faster if you use a high quality topical acne product. An acne product should not be used prior to using your LED MASK, but can be applied afterward.

Color White
Material ABS
Power: Input : AC110-220V Output: DC5V 0.5A
Application Home use/ beauty salon
Product size 22.5Lx22.0Wcm
Color box 35.0×29.0x6.5m
Net weight: 0.55KGS
Certification CE ROHS
OEM & ODM Available