led spa capsule Infrared Spa Capsule

Infrared LED Light Therapy Spa Capsule

  • Thermal energy therapy
  • Fragrance therapy
  • LED light therapy
  • Anion breeze therapy
  • Ozone sterilizing system
  • Music therapy (Optional)

Product Description

Led spa capsule led light spa capsule / spa equipment – Siubeauty

Brief introduction

LED spa capsule

This is the perfect combination of colored light, fragrance medical therapy with electronic technology, traditional Chinese philosophy and the essence of western science and technology. Being in this magic cabin, your heart and soul will be just like flying in the enormous universe, while improving the metabolism by the resonance massage of fat cells with infrared rays; or even immersed in the forest full of anions and vitality, remolding your skin thoroughly.

Main curative effects:

A. thermal energy therapy:
The infrared light wave of the led spa capsule has effects on the subcutaneous fat tissue, burning the fat and removing it with sweat, within 20~30 minutes, 600 calories is consumed, equal to ten thousand-meter-long running. The temperature is up to 90℃,helpful to improve lymph circulation, remove toxins and unnecessary water; besides, it is effective to treat arthritis and rheumatism as well.
B. fragrance therapy:
Different kinds of essences of plants through the essence outlet are taken in to the internal organs, gaining physical and spiritual curative effects.
C. colored light therapy:
The colored light waves form particular light source can stimulate the metabolism of cells, remove skin diseases based on the brand new concept of optical therapy.
D. anion breeze therapy:
A large amount of anions is especially helpful to remold your skin and relax muscles.
E. ozone sterilizing system:
Thoroughly cleansing the tiny pores, getting rid of the toxic heavy metals.
F. Music therapy:
MP3 playing system makes you relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally.

  • The case of mainframe is made from Acrylic unibody, never fading & deform.
  • It combines the real Far Infrared rays and colorful LED energy lights functions.
  • The Far Infrared rays works on the thick fat to burn fat.
  • The colorful energy LED lights (red /blue/ yellow /green) are good for skin care
  • Ozone system for cleaning machine and sterilizing automatically
  • The MP3 players for music therapy
  • CE certificate & test report
  • You can see good and fast effectiveness for losing weight.
The function of wideband for infrared

It’s a kind of electromagnetic wave, an intense radioactive ray with longer wavelength than the visible light on the spectrum. The near infrared can be used in food processing, vehicle painting, cooking, while the far infrared is particularly suitable for physiotherapy. It can be obtained only if light is accompanied with heat.

The physiological effect of the far infrared
  • Improve the physiological oxidation and reduction, remove the redundant fat,and keep fit.
  • Save your energy, not like the exercise does.
  • Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in a balanced nutrition.
  • Speed up perspiration and fat metabolism (your body should have enough water supply) as well as the removing of poison, heavy metal, waste, etc.
  • Stimulate physiological function, intensify the hormone and enzyme.
  • Build up your health, release fatigue.
  • Physiotherapy with muscular and nerval ailments, relieve liver tension and pain.
  • Prevent the spread of tumors.
  • Release pain and diminish inflammation.
  • Regenerative function.
Type Led Spa Capsule Infrared Slimming capsule spa equipment
Working principle Infrared, ozone, light LED
Origin Guangdong, China(mainland)
Power 2100W
Output power 1500W
Voltage 110-130V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
The adjustment temperature 0-90°C
Appearance color Pearl white
LED light Color red, blue, green, yellow, purple
MOQ 1 set
Material Acrylic
Certification CE Approval
Rate electric current 7A
Functions Skin Tightening, Whitening, Detox, Weight Loss
Payment T/T, Western Union
Delivery about 3-7 days after payment
Package Outer packing: wooden case
Shipping Shipped by sea, shipped by air, etc.
Supply ability 1000 sets per month
Warranty one year and Life-long support