Infrared hydratherapy spa capsule

Dry & Wet Sauna Luxury Spa Capsule

  • Infrared Therapy
  • Sauna steam bath
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Aroma steam bath
  • Shower bath
  • Spray shower
  • Spectrum therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Negative ion breeze
  • Bubble bath and surfing
  • Ozone sterilization
  • DVD and LED
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Product Description

Luxury spa capsule SIU-322S

This luxury spa capsule provides dry sauna and wet sauna according to the needs of the health and wellness centers.

Functions descriptions:

1. Infrared Therapy:

By using the far infrared light, directly it can stimulate the skin in depth to accelerate fat burning, thus achieving the goal of weight loss and reshaping.

2. Sauna steam bath:

With such effects as skin pore opening, toxin expelling and skin care. It is useful for body adjustment, anti-aging, skin beautification, weight loss and body building.

3. Herbal steam bath:

It enables the ideal integration of plant extract and human body. Using with Chinese herbal medicine, it may also help complete the physical therapy for cure.

4. Aroma steam bath:

With essential oil applied, it creates a fragrant atmosphere, which may relax both your body and mind. And enable bath you to recover from fatigue and full of vigor.

5. Shower bath:

Clean and flush inch of the skin, relieve your every nerve.

6. Spray shower:

With water columns spraying, it can massage every inch of skin, thus enabling the skin to different requirements.

7. Spectrum therapy:

Four different spectral therapies of red, yellow, blue and green provide the efficacy of reducing the stress and relaxing and improving the skin condition for the human body from the medical aspect.

8. Music therapy:

The special SPA music enables you relax your body and recover from fatigue while listening to the melody.

9. Negative ion breeze:

Cool breeze is directly blown to your face to reduce it temperature, keeping your head in cool and fresh environment at any time.

10. Bubble bath and surfing:

Contains high oxygen and fine bubble water flow, 34 degrees help relax muscles.

11.Ozone sterilization:

The full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees the user safety and sanitation.

12.DVD and LED

Control panel, easy to operation, customer can enjoy the radio or DVD when doing spa.





Model: SIU-322S

Acylic shell and board

Steam (4 jet)

Demision: 2312*98*127cm

Steam( direct plumbing 4pcs)

Far infrared

Packing size: 229*92*122cm


Massage bath

N.W/G.W:  170kg/260kg

Ozne sterilization


Required water pressure Min 2-4 Bar

Chromotherapy LED lightening system

Vichy shower

Drain connection: 40mm/1.57

Hand shower

Spray shower

Water inlet connection: 25mm/079

LCD color display DVD

Bubble surfing massage

Voltage: 110V /220V   50-60Hz

Deluxe touching panel

Spectrum therapy

Power: 2000W

Spray shower (8pcs)

Music  therapy

Certificated:  CE approved

Bubble surfing massage (6pcs)

Ozone therapy

Price: Factory price

Inside with massage bed desire

Aromatical material bath