ipl hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal Tattoo Removal SHR Laser Machine

  • Hair removal
  • Pigmentation lesions
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Vascular lesions
  • Acne treatment
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Skin lifting
  • Tattoo removal

Product Description

Permanent Hair Removal Laser Tattoo Removal SHR Laser Machine SIU-122E

Permanent hair removal machine SIU-122E combines SHR Super Hair Removal Technology and Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Technology. It is a perfect combination for beauty centers those who want to offer their clients permanent hair removal treatment, tattoo removal treatment and skin care treatments.

SHR System

SHR is short for super hair removal. This machine adopts the most advanced SHR technology, also known as OPT, to provide safe, fast, painless permanent hair removal.

E-light IPL+RF system

E-LIGHT combines good traits of IPL and Radio Frequency, warms up strong pulse, takes bipolar rf to strengthen acting on deep tissue, uses skin can selectively inhale light energy, to induce different impedance between target texture and normal skin.

Treatment Period of treatment(PT) Remark requirements
Hair removal 1 time every 21-40days, 3-6 times every PT. Shaving the unwanted hair at the treatment area
Freckle removal 1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT. 1. The patients should be suitable to accept treatment. It means they don’t have the symptom described in Contraindications

2. No hyper susceptibility recently

3. The patients should cooperate with operator’s instructions

4. Clean treatment area after treatment

Skin rejuvenation 1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT.
Vascular therapy 1 time every 21-28days, 3-6 times every PT.
Acne skin 1 time every 21-28days, 3-6 times every PT.
Lifting 1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT.
Nd YAG Laser system

Eliminate spots ,remove tattoos: The specific laser wavelength will effect on and melanin of epidermis and dermis. The pigments will begin to swell and explode to tiny particles after absorbed this high energy laser . One part of them will be shot out of the body ,the other parts will be gradually removed by metabolism

Remove Red Base Tattoo

532nm crystal

Remove Black Base Tattoo

1064nm crystal

Cooperate with carbon  Powder,tender & whitening

Black Moppet Head