Portable RF Face Machine

Portable RF Face Machine

  • RF repair skin, tissue
  • Deep import
  • Infrared care
  • Vibration massage

Product Description

Portable RF Face Machine SIU-88B

What is Thermagic?

Portable RF face machine for home use uses thermagic rf technology. This technology is the only global magic which can achieve significant lifting, tightening and wrinkle removal and maintain the anti-aging effect for several years by one-off treatment. Thermagic utilized RF capacitive coupling technology to tighten skin, stimulate the generation of new collagen. The equipment firstly adopted the positioning technology on treated areas before the treatment, strictly ensure a symmetrical, safe and no damage postoperative result.

This advanced magical non-invasive beauty& shaping technology is non-surgery and non-injection, avoiding keenly felt pain. It is also high efficiency and safe, patients can leave right after the treatment, enjoyable during the process, no need for special care after cure, does not affect the life and work.

Three working mechanisms
  • Emergency reaction
    A focal plane comes into being under the influence of RF electric field, powerfully hits against the dermis tissues about 2.6~3mm deep under the surface. The capillary will mistakenly think the tissue was injured, then produce plenty of collagen to restore it.. The collagen molecules gradually align as orderly proteins, so to achieve a tightening effect.
  • Electrorepulsion
    RF electric field can change the cross distribution of cell membranes, affects the electron and ion concentration around the cell membranes, thus improving it’s permeability. The ionic channels open with the degradation reaction of electric field, so to improve the permeability between cells. Meanwhile, the ionized water and nutrition are easy to permeate into dermis tissues under the attractive force of electromagnetic waves.
  • Fat-soluble reaction
    When the RF electric field applies to skin tissues, the warming magnitude of subcutaneous fat is 8 times that of dermis tissues. The fat will be softened then shrink and resolve, making skin tight and elastic.
  • Infrared colorama reaction
    Improve the blood circulation and metabolism, activate cellular tissue. It has health care functions like collagen production, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on.

Power input