Vaginal Tightening Vaginal HIFU SIU-V12

Vaginal HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine

  • Vaginal Tightening – Improves the loose situation, makes the vagina canal smaller.
  • Vaginal Cleaning – Female private parts maintenance.
  • Moist Vagina – Eliminate dryness


Product Description

Vaginal HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine SIU-V12


Vaginal HIFU adopts high intensity focused ultrasound technology with deep penetration feature, reaching and heating SMAS layer directly, and then making collagen shrinking and stimulating collagen fiber network to enhance skin elasticity (self-repair mechanism is more secure), tightening vagina without wound, and no recovery time, and no bleeding, and without treatment in many times. The applications of vaginal HIFU has been recognized by beauty industry authority, known as the Miracle keep youth!

How does it works

High intensity focused ultrasound reach Vaginal SMAS to lift the SMAS, improve vagina sagging problem. Vaginal HIFU focus 4.5mm SMAS under mucous layer to promote muscle growth and lift muscle,and then vagina would be tightened certainly. Vaginal HIFU focus 3.0mm collagen layer under subcutaneous to heat and stimulate collagen reborn and regroup, and then vagina would be restored elasticity. Because the ultrasound has penetration physical characteristics, the mucous layer won’t be hurt and infected due to treatment. Operator holds handle-end  steadily and then insert it into vagina softly and slowly. Operator should try to press treatment probe area against vagina skin fully when treatment be processing. As per our clinical test experience, spending 300-500 lines (about 5000-1300 points) on vagina SMAS layer and 300-500 lines (about 5000-1300 points) on collagen layer, the result would be better.

Technical Advantages
  • Handle rotates 360 degree automatically, ensure treatment depth and treatment width exactly, can select corresponding parameters according to vagina’s depth, so to shorten treatment time and make energy distributed well.
  • Adopt advanced HIFU high-tech technology, two different depth cartridges 4.5mm and 3.0mm according to vagina’s inside structure situation, exact treatment, skip mucous layer to make treatment without any damage, can select corresponding depth and energy to make sure customers are painless and comfortable. No side effects, no anesthesia, no medication before and after surgery, completely non invasive
  • Heating dermal collagen and collagen fiber and fat layer and SMAS
  • Machine easy to operate, operation is simple
  • Instant result obvious after treatment
  • Vagina can be restored three days later after treatment, and won’t affect making love normally


110/220 V


50/60 Hz


44*30*38 cm

Max Power

100 W


 6 A

Net weight

10 kg